Sayara International is driven by a powerful sense of commitment and responsibility to the region we call home.

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We thrive in places where research is crucial, communications is critical and neither is straightforward.

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Our experts bring multiple perspectives and tremendous expertise to every endeavor.

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Latest News

  • Drivers of Instability, Conflict and Radicalization A snapshot from Akkar

    The influence of terrorist groups operating on the Lebanese-Syrian border, Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria, and the increasing sense of humiliation and powerlessness amongst Sunnis since Hezbollah’s take¬over of west Beirut in 2008 is breeding concern…

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  • Impact of Syria Crisis in Lebanon

    The Refugee crisis in Lebanon is having serious economic, social, political and security consequences that affect refugees and host communities alike and have broader regional implications.

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  • Syria in Crisis

    As the United States seeks a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria, the number of civilians killed, exiled and displaced continues to rise. In this special report, we share the devastating statistics with an…

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  • Supporting the Lebanese Music Scene – Mashrou’ Leila

    Civil society is about more than just NGO’s. To show our support, Levant7 donated to one of the most inspiring and dynamic musicians in the region. Mashrou’ Leila has become a voice for Arab youth…

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  • Developing Syrian CSO capacity

    Levant7’s CEO, Scott Shadian and Executive Director for Research, Dr. Sam Schueth, held workshops in Gaziantep, Turkey for Syrian civil society organizations. The workshops: “Increasing Your CSO Social Media Footprint” and “M&E from A-Z”, were…

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