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On 15 May 2013 members of Levant 7’s Afghan division, Sayara Strategies, received an informal briefing from their colleagues on best practices for stabilization research and programming.


Over homemade cake and coffee, Sayara Research Director, Dr. Sam Schueth, shared his insights on the current state and evolution of stabilization programming in Afghanistan. Dr. Schueth, the former USAID Contracting Officer Representative (COR)  for the Measuring Impacts of Stabilization Initiatives (MISTI), gave staff an engaging overview of the theory and methodology behind current stabilization research and programming in Afghanistan.  He was joined by Sayara Senior Program Manager, Mr. Farid Ahmad Ahmadi, who illustrated key points of programmatic successes and failures from his time as the Stability Director for USAID’s SIKA North program.

The briefing was followed by a lively Q&A from the rest of Sayara Strategies’ Transitional Development Unit.This briefing was part of an on-going informal series of peer education programs run by Levant 7.